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RooftopRainwater Harvesting for House

Water is our most precious natural resource and essential for all life and it plays an important role in transforming the lives of people to better and healthier one. Do you know that the scarcity of water continue to be a growing problem. But the best way to conserve water is its judicious use. Demand for processed supply water is rising day by day due to an increasing population, urbanization, industrialization.

Nowadays, access to sufficient amount of water is a major issue to most people living in both rural and urban areas. Now, how to overcome from this? Well, here you go. Rainwater harvesting is the most acceptable and viable solution to help solve water crisis problems for various sectors. To this day, the concept of rooftop rainwater harvesting for house has been accepted all over the world.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for House

  1. What is rainwater harvesting and why is it important?

Rainwater is one of the purest sources of water available as it contains very low impurities. Harvesting rainwater is an ancient practice and you might have thought why are we practicing it? Because, till today this valuable practice in growing in popularity due to its various benefits in our modern times. Rooftop rainwater harvesting (RWH) is the most acceptable and sustainable method/solution to attenuate water crisis issues in the both rural and urban areas all over the world. The system involves simple collection and storing of rainwater from surfaces it falls so that it can be used for later use (domestic, commercial or agriculture purposes).

Now, the time to take initiative for rainwater harvesting for houses has arrived. Why because the idea behind the process of rainwater harvesting is very simple. Rainwater harvesting, in its broadest sense, is a modern way of saving water at home/house. Rainwater harvesting has brought more relief during times of droughts. It is the best possible way to save water and invoke the society towards the importance of water. So, it really makes sense to set up a rainwater harvesting system now.

  1. How can you do rainwater harvesting for house?

Over the last few years, major parts of the world have been facing continuous inadequate water supply. So, it’s all-important to take adequate measures to meet the increasing demands of water for domestic use. Have you implemented rainwater harvesting system for your house? If YES, then it’s great! If No, then it’s not too late. Even, now also you can implement the system to reduce your demand on mains water supply. Rooftop and surface runoff are the rainwater harvesting methods. Choosing the right method for harvesting rainwater is essential to making your home more sustainable and such method is the rooftop rainwater harvesting method.

Basically, urban and rural models are the two models associated with rainwater harvesting for houses.

  1. Rural model:

In rural areas, house roofs are built with sheets or bricks and etc. Here, rainwater comes to the edges easily and hence water can be collected through rain gutters. Rural people use fine cloth material to filter the rainwater from the roof. Here, collected water can be used to store water either for domestic use, livestock, or for agricultural needs.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for Rural House

  1. Urban model:

Here, rainwater from the house roof is collected through rainwater gutters and stored in a storage tank. The system is designed to support both potable and non-potable needs of the family at their doorstep. Rooftop rainwater harvesting for recharging groundwater is a common practice implemented in individual houses.

Rainwater Harvesting for Urban House

End use of harvested rainwater at homes: garden/lawn irrigation, toilet flushing, Laundry, car washing, showering/bathing, and even for drinking (by using water treatment methods).

Rainwater harvesting for house systems (Rural model and Urban model) comprises some basic components and are as follows:

  1. A catchment area: Rooftop of the house will be the area to capture rainfall.
  2. A conveyance system: To move the captured rainwater from the roof to a storage area (maybe piping)
  3. A storage system: To hold the rainwater for future use — a barrel, a cistern or a tank
  4. A distribution system: To get the water from storage to where it is being used

 3. Top benefits of installing rainwater harvesting system for your house

Some of the top benefits of collecting and storing rainwater for your homes are listed below:

  1. Greatly promotes water conservation and saves money on water bills
  2. Excellent and valuable source of water in the emergencies
  3. The system is easy to install, operate and maintain for all types of houses with less investment
  4. This system can be set up for houses in rural, suburban and as well as urban areas
  5. Reduces rainwater runoff and solve drainage problems at your house
  6. The system saves water at home by diminishing the dependency on ground water and municipal water supply
  7. It is an ideal solution in the areas, which faces the inadequacy of water
  8. Substantially reduces the consumption of potable water for various purposes

“Rainwater harvesting for house is the best and effective way to end water scarcity at your house and it enhances green living too!”

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Rooftop rainwater harvesting secured life for 25 village families in Rajasthan, India.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting  :  Village homes in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Happiness through security of water

When water for drinking and cooking is not available in the right quality, living day to day life becomes challenging. Life of people in this remote village of state of Rajasthan is in real trouble as whatever ground water is available through borewell is highly contaminated with fluoride and other elements.

Rainwater is pure form of water from the sky, we tried to make 25+ such families water secure by harvesting rainwater from their respective roofs storing that water in tanks through Neerain rooftop rainwater harvesting filters. The project was successfully completed within two weeks.  Main components were as below :

  1. NeeRain rooftop rainwater filters.
  2. First flush device
  3. Tanks for storage of rainwater
  4. Plumbing material

Each home project was within range of Rs. 15,000 to 25,000 depending upon the roof size. With this amount rainwater for years together shall be secured for 25 families. Please check this video spreading smile of these lovely families

Safe driving water serves life’s most precious requirement of maintaining health and remain happy.

Smile on the faces of girls, boys, women and entire family is a great asset that we could build.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in developing countries can be a life savour, foundation of development and catalyst of healthy life for people.  This entire process of rainwater harvesting from rooftop is made extremely simple, easy and economical with new age innovative Neerain rooftop rainwater filters… has further details..NeeRain is young startup from India working hard to transform our Planet from water scarce to water surplus habitat.

नीर [ Neer ] means water in Sanskrit and Rain is water. Our name NeeRain defines purpose and goal of our existence. NeeRain Rooftop Rainwater Filters enable and empower our common men with easy, effective and economical Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting to harvest Rainwater from their rooftop to borewell or tank as water resource.

Our patent granted rooftop rainwater filters (technological innovations) are so easy for a common man to implement with minimum cost, negligible labour and no recurring cost. It’s our endeavour to offer Do it yourself, plug and play Rooftop Rainwater filters for a common man to adopt it and live a water secure life.

NeeRain is Government Of Gujarat backed, Government Of India approved startup at i-Hub & CrAdLE, secures water for common-man; With 2000+ installations, NeeRain saved 30 crore litres water at 100+ habitats across India, Asia, Africa & America in two years.

NeeRain has embarked journey on securing water for our common-man. With more than 3000 successful installations, we could save 95 crore litres of water at 150+ decentralised habitats across India, Asia, Africa and America. Our Patent granted innovation is NeeRain rooftop rainwater harvesting filter that saves 60,000 litres of water every year.

NeeRain rooftop rainwater filter is first-ever no water loss rainwater filter. NeeRain rainwater filter is efficient and effective as it has two stages of filtration with micro filtration up to 200 microns, to remove large, small and micro impurities that come along with rainwater. Neerain helps harvest rainwater without human intervention. It can be mounted on a wall, on the down take pipe so that rainwater can be easily captured by gravitational force. NeeRain doesn’t require any electricity. It doesn’t have any moving parts. It doesn’t need any consumables to be replaced. It doesn’t require maintenance. Rainwater harvesting can be monitored online by the unique see-through lid. NeeRain harvests rainwater without breaking the flow of water by only preventing impurities. There is a separate outlet for impurities and a separate outlet for clean water. NeeRain can be fixed easily within 2 hours by a semi-skilled plumber.

Neerain rooftop rainwater filter has won CII’s national Award for Excellence in water management 2022 for the innovative water saving product category on 29 Sep 2022.

NeeRain is featured on Doordarshan DD India, DD News and DD Girnar for common man centric work. NeeRain is inducted on board by Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (GOI) under Amrut 2.0 water innovation initiative.

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