4.5 Lakhs litres of Rainwater saving every year : Success Story.

A CSR project was initiated  to harvest rooftop rainwater and recharge to augment groundwater at a primary boys school. M/s. Shrushti Envirotech was awarded this project to design, supply and installation of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting system at this site for the groundwater recharge application. Based on the site survey, it was proposed to connect the main front school building roof & terrace area to six rooftop filters and divert the filtered rainwater to the recharge system at a depth of 60 Mtr.

Specially designed “NeerainEco” rooftop rainwater filters were used for online filtration of roof rainwater to remove dirt, debris and other physical impurities before diverting to the recharge system. 



Project Summary:

  • Objective: Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting to augment ground water
  • Approximate Roof Area Covered : 6900 Sq. Ft
  • Number of Rooftop Filters: 6 
  • Type of Rooftop Filters : No water loss, Live, two stages of filtration NeeRain Eco rainwater filters.
  • Recharge borewell depth: 200 ft
  • Casing Pipe: 140 mm
  • Modular Chamber around casing pipe: 3 ft dia x 4 ft depth (with air vents)
  • Average annual rain fall: 900 mm
  • Rainwater collection potential for the roof area covered: 4,5o,000 Liters every year. 


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