AMC entered into MOU with three central government start-ups

Amrut 2.0 program has been implemented by the Department of Urban Development and Urban Housing of the Central Government of Ahmedabad. Under the program, the Department of Urban Development and Urban Housing of the Central Government has invited research from various colleges, students of colleges, and new start-ups from all over the country. All these researches were related to water and drainage water. Urban development among all startups Approximately 93 startups have been identified by the department and all those startups have to be allocated to the Municipalities and Panchayats across India, and necessary agreements have been made with the startups allocated to the Municipalities and Panchayats to promote the products prepared by the startups and use them as per their requirement. An advance of Rs.20.00 (twenty) lakhs has been given to these shortlisted startups by the Urban Development Department of the Central Government.

Among the startups shortlisted by the government, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has signed MoUs with three startups which include Neerain Pathera and Limelight Research Company. Neerain Company has installed a filter that collects the rainwater falling on the roof of any building and can directly recharge the water into the ground or store it in an underground water tank. This filter does not use any kind of conventional equipment and this filter can be bypassed in the first rain and the water left in the open, and can be bypassed whenever the rainwater is not to be used. This startup can make very good use of rainwater. A water harvesting system has been installed at Panchsheel Water Distribution Station by the Startup headed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Pathera company, sadar startup reduces the salinity of bore water. Bore water is collected in this instrument. Just hang it in the water tank. This instrument does not require any kind of energy to run and also this instrument is prepared and placed in the tank as required according to the size of the tank. Sadar instrument is very easy to install and use. Sadar Startup has been assigned the task of SVP Hospital.

Lime Light Startup has developed a flowmeter designed to measure the amount of water flowing in a water line.

Work Done behind this project:


NeeRain has completed the rainwater harvesting work at Panchshil Water Distribution Station. The total roof area of the     down. 3 filters have been installed at the water distribution station. These three filters save around 1,57,000 liters of fresh rainwater in a year with an average annual rainfall of 782 mm. When a peak rainfall of 50 mm is considered, it saves around 10,000 liters of rainwater.

The fresh rainwater is stored in an existing water tank of capacity 50 lakh liter.


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Author: Devendra Shah

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Publish On: Nov 5, 2022.

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