Making Rainwater harvesting a people’s movement…

Technology is smart only if it’s easy, effective and economical. We, at NeeRain Pvt. Ltd.  live with this spirit.  Rainwater harvesting has been in existence from thousands of years in our culture and history. And yet more than 663 Million people worldwide live without access to safe water. This is not a mere statistic but a daily reality.

Rain is source of fresh water made and delivered at our home free of cost by God. Let’s harvest fresh rainwater at each habitat. Innovation for a common man to empower him with a water positive future; is the philosophy that we live. Our patent forwarded products are extremely easy, economical and elite.  Outstanding features like ‘fix yourself, plug & play’, auto draining of impurities, no water loss, no recurring cost, no energy, no maintenance, no consumables etc are a result of sheer hard work, innovative thinking with a common man at centre. …Unveiling soon!

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