NeeRain’s Innovative Rainwater filter was featured in Wash Innovation Hub’s National Post

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to save, reuse and recycle water in India. However, it takes an immense amount of space and cost to set up, and maintain.

NeeRain, a Gujarat-based startup has come up with plug and- play filter products for rainwater harvesting that comes at an affordable price and requires no labor work.

“We aimed to make rainwater harvesting as easy and affordable as possible. Even a house of built-up area of 500 square feet, should be able to retain rainwater,” said Akash Varia, Founder of NeeRain.

NeeRain, is a Gol-approved young start-up, incubated at CrAdLE, EDII Gandhinagar backed by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The quality of rainwater is often an issue of concern. NeeRain’s products are fitted with two filters that removes the physical Impurities from rainwater. One is a non-clogging V-wire filter which removes impurities up to 500 Micron and the second filter is a Polymeric Filter – 200 Micron.

NeeRain has helped save nearly 30 crore liters of water in India. They have installed more than 2000 filters in various parts of the country. Their patented filters have also been bought by many people in the US, Africa, Nepal, and other countries.

The simplicity of rainwater harvesting system is the sole intention behind making it manageable and cost effective. Any one with a non-technical background can easily maintain the systems.

NeeRain filters can be fitted on rooftops of any household for houses with tiled or slant roofs, gutter pipes are fitted which direct the water to the filtration unit. “We can also design and install the products in such a way that the rainwater, post filtration is sent directly into a borewell,” Akash explained.

NeeRain also focuses on developing more affordable filters for smaller households.

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