Rainwater recharge from large school roof.

Rooftop Rainwater harvesting in a school with very large roof, needs thoughtful solution to effectively and economically implement rainwater harvesting project.  NeeRain has implemented one such solution in a School in the state of Gujarat. The School has traditional roof built with a slop and having free flow of rainwater to the surface and further towards the road. Team NeeRain has undertaken extensive study of the premise to understand the geographical limitations.  The site is a primary school premise, hence they don’t want to implement a project where the large infrastructural changes are required.  Upon the study and observations, Team NeeRain could work out simple design and a implementable solution to capture rainwater from the entire roof, filter the impurities from NeeRainEco filters and divert clean, fresh water to one header pipe, that can lead water up to the dedicated Recharge Borewell constructed in one corner of the school.

Details are as below :

Video link:    https://youtu.be/T4Qrfzu-2Kc

  1. Objective    : To augment ground water and rejuvenate our Aquifer.
  2. Roof type    : Traditional, slopping roof.
  3. Water fall   : Free fall.
  4. Rainfall       : 900 mm.
  5. Potential     : 5.2 lakh litres per year
  6. Application : Recharge in a dedicated recharge bore well.
  7. Retention.   : Precast chamber with air vents
  8. Recharge     :  Direct, recharge at a depth of 200 ft
  9. Casing Pipe : 140 mm dia
  10. Casing type. : Slotted
  11. Development : Hydrological development by compressed air
  12. No of Rooftop filters : 6 Units
  13. Rain gutters : Rain water gutters are connected with inlet of NeeRainEco filters
  14. Benefits  :
    1. Recharge of 5.2 lakh litres of fresh, soft rainwater every year.
    2. Prevention of depletion of groundwater levels
    3. Rejeunvate the surrounding aquifers
    4. Prevent water logging in school premise

NeeRainEco rainwater filters and a dedicated recharge well will save huge 5.2 Lakh litre of rainwater every year.  Please explore this video for live experience.   More water per Rain, with NeeRain.







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