Young startup to transform India from water scarce to water surplus Nation.

नीर [ Neer ] means water in Sanskrit and Rain is water. Our name NeeRain defines purpose and goal of our existence. NeeRain Rooftop Rainwater Filters enable and empower our common men with easy, effective and economical Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting to harvest Rainwater from their rooftop to borewell or tank as water resource.

Our patent granted rooftop rainwater filters (technological innovations) are so easy for a common man to implement with minimum cost, negligible labour and no recurring cost. It’s our endeavour to offer Do it yourself, plug and play Rooftop Rainwater filters for a common man to adopt it and live a water secure life.

NeeRain is Government Of Gujarat backed, Government Of India approved startup at i-Hub & CrAdLE, secures water for common-man; With 2000+ installations, NeeRain saved 30 crore litres water at 100+ habitats across India, Asia, Africa & America in two years.

NeeRain has embarked journey on securing water for our common-man. With more than 5,125 successful installations, we could save 125 crore litres of water at 250+ decentralised habitats across India, Asia, Africa and America. Our Patent granted innovation is NeeRain rooftop rainwater harvesting filter that saves 60,000 litres of water every year.

NeeRain rooftop rainwater filter is first-ever no water loss rainwater filter. NeeRain rainwater filter is efficient and effective as it has two stages of filtration with microfiltration up to 200 microns, to remove large, small and micro impurities that come along with rainwater. Neerain helps harvest rainwater without human intervention. It can be mounted on a wall, on the down take pipe so that rainwater can be easily captured by gravitational force. NeeRain doesn't require any electricity. It doesn't have any moving parts. It doesn't need any consumables to be replaced. It doesn't require maintenance. Rainwater harvesting can be monitored online by the unique see-through lid. NeeRain harvests rainwater without breaking the flow of water by only preventing impurities. There is a separate outlet for impurities and a separate outlet for clean water. NeeRain can be fixed easily within 2 hours by a semi-skilled plumber.

Neerain rooftop rainwater filter has won CII’s national Award for Excellence in water management 2022 for the innovative water saving product category on 29 Sep 2022. NeeRain is featured on Doordarshan DD India, DD News and DD Girnar for common man centric work. NeeRain is inducted on board by Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (GOI) under Amrut 2.0 water innovation initiative.

Catch the Rain, where it falls & go closer to the resource.

Rain Vision

Empower a common man with effective and economical rooftop rainwater filters to harvest rainwater.

Rain Mission

Harvest rooftop rainwater through people’s movement for water positive planet.

Rain Values

Simple approach, smart rooftop rainwater filters and sensible service with customer at center.

Rain Goal

Produce and install 1,20,000 Rooftop rainwater filters every year across the globe to achieve water surplus status.

Recognized Startup by Government of India