Young startup to transform India from water scarce to water surplus Nation.

नीर [ Neer ] means water in Sanskrit and Rain is water. Our name NeeRain defines purpose and goal of our existence. NeeRain aims to enable and empower our habitats with easy, effective and economical products to harvest Rainwater from their premises.

Our patent forwarded technological innovations are so easy for a common man to implement with minimum cost, negligible labour and no recurring cost. It’s our endeavour to offer Do it yourself, plug and play products for a common man to adopt it and live a water secure life.

NeeRain is young start up committed to a cause of Rainwater Harvesting. Rainwater that is delivered free of cost to each one of us is going down the drains. At Neerain we offer Patent forwarded technologies to capture each drop of rainwater for day to day use or diverting to Mother Earth to fill our groundwater bank.

NeeRain is Government of India approved young start up, incubated at CrAdLE, EDII Gandhinagar backed by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

At NeeRain we are committed to make Rainwater Harvesting; people’s movement to resolve acute crisis of water for healthy and happy life.

Catch the Rain, where it falls & go closer to the resource.

Rain Vision

Empower a common man with effective and economical technology to harvest Rainwater.

Rain Mission

Harvest Rainwater through people’s movement for water positive planet.

Rain Values

Simple approach, smart products and sensible service with customer at center.

Rain Goal

Produce and Place 10,000 Rainwater filters every year across the globe to achieve water surplus status.

Recognized Startup by Government of India