Fresh Water Crisis

  • India has become a water stressed Nation due to rapid depletion of groundwater
  • 60 crores Indians don’t get water at their premise
  • 21 Cities will run out of water by 2020, will affect more than 10 crore people
  • 70% of surface water in India is contaminated resulting in 2 lakh deaths
  • Higher TDS and hardness of bore hole water due to depletion
  • Women and girl child have to walk miles to collect water every day
  • RO wastes 70 % of water,  removes all essential elements from water
  • At this rate 40 % Indians will have no access to drinking water
  • Increase in flooding results in loss of crores of rupees every year

Don’t let a drop of Rain go otherwise you will be finished for a drop of water.

Save Water through rain water conservation,
as water is life and conservation is future.

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