Q.What is Rainwater Harvesting ?
A.Rainwater Harvesting is to save each drop of Rainwater falling on Roof or Surface for later usage or recharge.
Q.Why should we save Rainwater ?
A.Rain is fresh source of water that feeds our current sources of water like Rivers, lakes, Dams, Ground water
Q.How is the quality of Rain water ?
A.Rainwater is pure, soft and fresh water. It has all important vitamins required for healthy life. Rainwater doesn’t have Hardness or TDS when captured directly.
Q.My house has 1200 Sq. Ft roof. How much water can I save ?
A.Roof of 1200 Sq. Ft can save minimum 56,000 litres of pure water every year. At every rain, you will get approx 4000 litres of water.
Q.What is the tank size required ?
A.For a family of 5 persons, you need to make Tank of 7500 litres capacity. Say L 2 mtr x W 2 mtr x D 2 mtr.
Q.What should I do with excess Rainwater ?
A.Give overflow from Drinking water tank to utility tank and connect overflow of utility tank to borewell. Once your Drinking water tank is full, you will get water in utility tank. Same way, if utility tank gets full, water will be recharged in your borewell.
Q.Do I need to operate Rainwater filter frequently ?
A.No. Our Rooftop Rainwater filter doesn’t require human intervention. Harvesting will be done automatically.
Q.What about draining first rainfall ?
A.You can easily drain out first rainfall with first flush arrangement given with our Rainwater filter.
Q.Can I put water back to my borewell?
A.Yes, Rooftop Rainwater from clean water outlet of the Rainwater filter can be directly sent to existing borewell.
Q.Does it require electricity?
A.No. Our Rainwater filter works of principle of gravity hence electricity is not required.
Q.How does your Rain water filter work ?
A.Our Rainwater filter works on the principle of gravity. So no other energy is required to harvest Rainwater.
Q.What is the material of Filter element ?
A.Our filter element is made out of Nylon material hence it is 100% corrosion and contamination free.
Q.Why Rainwater Harvesting is not commonly seen ?
A.Because our old techniques were complicated, labour intensive, expensive and needs maintenance. Thanks to Technological Advancements, Rainwater Harvesting has become easy, effective, economical, ready to use and requires no maintenance.
Q.Can I take Rainwater in my existing tank?
A.Yes, Rainwater after due filtration can be diverted to your existing tank. For that you need to connect clean water outlet from Rainwater filter to your existing tank.
Q.Can I use Rainwater for drinking or cooking ?
A.Yes, you need to make separate tank for that. Also you must boil or pass rainwater through UV purifier before drinking or cooking.
Q.What will be total expense of Rooftop Rainwater filter including plumbing ?
A.For a 1200 Sq. Ft roof, total cost shall be around Rs. 15,000 including filter, plumbing items and labour. There is no other recurring cost involved. You will get lakhs of litres of fresh water every year.
Q.What is the benefit of putting rainwater in my running borewell ?
A.By putting rainwater in Casing pipe of running borewell, TDS and Hardness of borewell water improves, water level rises up and borewell gets recharged for longer life.
Q.How much electricity bill can I save by using rainwater during Monsoon ?
A.You can save electricity bill of approx Rs. 8000 per month by replacing borewell water with Rainwater during Monsoon.
Q.Is it possible for my plumber to fix Rainwater filter at my home ?
A.Yes, Our Rainwater filter is very simple yet scientific in design. Any local plumber can easily install within 2 to 3 hours.
Q.I am constructing new home. How do I plan Rainwater Harvesting?
A.You must plan underground tank at this stage. Also provide rainwater outlet closer to tank so that your plumbing cost would be minimum.
Q.How much is the TDS of Rainwater ?
A.Rainwater is pure and soft water, when falls on Roof it accumulates some TDS. Rainwater flowing from clean roof has less than 100 TDS.