Rooftop rainwater harvesting – Local solution to Global problem

The demand of fresh water is every growing with the exponential growth of world population. Surface and groundwater resources are being utilized faster than they can be recharged. Rooftop rainwater harvesting is an old practice that is being adopted by many nations as a viable decentralized water source. Individual rainwater harvesting filters are one of the many tools to meeting the growing fresh water demand.

Rooftop rainwater filters at local habitats are the best options to bring security of water for individual. We are committed to make rain water harvesting simple, scientific and sensible for common man. Our rainwater filters save each drop of rainwater falling on roof, filters out physical impurities and diverts clean pure and soft water to storage tank for later usage or to existing bore well for recharge. Storage of rainwater in tank gives freedom from water crisis, results in saving of electricity cost.

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Diversion of filtered, soft, pure rainwater from rooftop rainwater filter in existing bore well is sensible approach to conserve ground water. This is popularly known as bore well recharge. Bore well recharge results in raising water level in bore well, improvement in TDS and Hardness due to the effect of dilution. Rainwater recharge prevents drying of bore well.

Rooftop rainwater filters makes the job of saving fresh water extremely easy and free from human intervention. We are working hard to ensure that rainwater filter fulfils the objective without cost of electricity, without civil work and without headache of maintenance. Our rainwater filters are simple, scientific, smart, scalable and sensible for a common man. On an average one rainwater filter saves about a lakh litre of water from 1000 mm rain fall on a 1200 sq. ft. of roof area. Saving of such a huge volume of rainwater results in prevention of water logging on our streets and roads.

Let’s address twin problem of fresh water crisis and water logging by easy, economical and effective rainwater filters for common man. Such movement will only transform India from Water Stress to Water Positive Nation.

NeeRain is proud to publish this blog to spread awareness about the situation of water, for our stakeholders.

We would like to spread this for the benefit of fellow Indians.

Author: Amit Doshi (Co-Founder of Neerain)

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