Month: March 2021

NeeRain is India’s first No water loss rainwater filter…

नीरेइन भारतवर्ष का सबसे पहेला NO Water Loss Filter है.   बारीश के दिनो मे जो पानी आपके घर ओफिस के छत या रुफटोप से बहेकर नीचे बरबाद हो जाता है उसे Use Reuse ओर Recharge करने के लिये हम नीरेइन के रेइनवोटर हार्वेस्टींग फिल्टर का इस्तमाल करते है जो कि छत या रुफटोप से बह रहे पानी को फिल्टर करके उसे सीधा वोटर टेन्क बोरवेल, कुवा या रीचार्जवेल में स्टोर करता है।

Please check this video…


Unboxing NeeRainEco; No water loss rainwater filter

We are happy to Unboxing NeeRainEco to empower our common man and secure the future of water. Water is everyone’s concern. Crisis of fresh water is a global problem faced by each Nation.  There is no single solution to this globally growing problem.  The best solution is harvesting rainwater locally from the roofs for daily use and further recharging in groundwater bank.  Replacement of groundwater with rainwater is a first step towards achieving the water positive status for each community, state, county and planet as a whole.    

At NeeRain, we have innovated “NeeRainEco” extremely easy, effective and economical, No water loss rainwater filters to save millions of litres of free, fresh rainwater every year, from each premises; at one time nominal cost.

NeeRainEco; No water loss rainwater filters are patent forwarded rooftop filters that harvests rainwater without human intervention.  NeeRainEco is designed with ‘auto dirt diversion feature without loss of water with live monitoring of rainwater harvesting’. NeeRainEco has two stages of filtration that requires no maintenance, no consumables or non recurring cost. NeeRain is truly compact, smart and strong; made out of ABS engineering plastics material.  The first filter element is made out of fibre duly coated with PVC wrapped on SS 304 frame to filter out large impurities.  The second filter element is made our of polymeric material to filter out micro impurities up to 5 Micron size. NeeRainEco easily fits in existing homes, institutions or industry without much of change and with minimum plumbing accessories.  

” NeeRainEco ” is priced very economically at Rs. 3950 including GST ( say 55 USD ) in INDIA.  We believe that NeeRainEco will pay for itself within a year or two and one gets free, fresh, soft and pure rainwater for years.

Enjoy more water per every rainfall with NeeRaiEco….Call : +91 7778992314.

Catch the Rain, where and when it falls by PM Narendra bhai Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to the people to start a 100-day ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign to conserve water ahead of the summer. Addressing the country in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the Prime Minister said “this is the best time to think about water conservation in the summer months ahead”.

“Rain begins in many parts of India in May-June. Can we run a 100-day campaign to clear the water reservoirs to conserve water? Jal Shakti Ministry will soon begin a similar campaign ‘Catch the Rain’. The key mantra of the campaign is catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls,” the Prime Minister said.

National Water Mission : 

National Water Mission’s (NWM) campaign “Catch The Rain” with the tagline “Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls” is to nudge the states and stake-holders to create appropriate Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RWHS) suitable to the climatic conditions and sub-soil strata before monsoon.

Under this campaign, drives to make check dams, water harvesting pits, rooftop RWHS etc; removal of encroachments and de-silting of tanks to increase their storage capacity; removal of obstructions in the channels which bring water to them from the catchment areas etc; repairs to step-wells and using defunct bore-wells and unused wells to put water back to aquifers etc are to be taken up with the active participation of people.

To facilitate these activities, states have been requested to open “Rain Centers” in each district– in Collectorates/Municipalities or GP offices. During this period, these Rain Centres will have a dedicated mobile phone number and will be manned by an engineer or a person well trained in RWHS. This centre act as a technical guidance centre to all in the district as to how to catch the rain, as it falls, where it falls.

Efforts should be made so that all buildings in the district should have rooftop RWHS and that maximum quantity of rain water falling in any compound should be impounded within the compound itself. The basic aim should be that No or only limited will water to flow out of the compound. This will help in improving soil moisture and rasing ground water table. In urban areas it will reduce water gushing onto roads, damaging them and will prevent urban flooding.

We are NeeRain are committed to this cause of ” Catch the Rain ” that’s the reason we have pioneered a “No water loss” rainwater filter for a common man which is extremely economical, easy, effective and effecient to catch, filter, use or recharge rainwater.


Connect Sky with Earth and get benefitted….!

Connecting Sky with Earth in simple words is securing our Life with Water.  Connecting Sky with Earth in in other words is UseRain ! 

Using Rainwater is the most sensible step to mitigate effects of depleting groundwater. Rainwater that is delivered up to our roof needs our little attention. An effort that is extremely simple, quick and economical.  Connecting rooftop down water pipe with Neerain rainwater filter, tank and bore well. A day’s job, can be done on your own. One can do it with little bit of skill set.   

Five steps: 

  1. Cut the rainwater down pipe.
  2. Mark and drill four holes on wall.
  3. Fix the first flush valve with Tee joint. 
  4. Fix the filter inlet with rainwater pipe. 
  5. Connect the clean water outlet of filter with bore well.

Direct connection of roof with rainwater filter and borewell is the work of connecting Sky with Earth. In other words, we are connecting God father with Mother Earth…This way are completing the water cycle and life cycle.  

In most villages of India, the average supply of water is between 40 litres per capita per day (lpcd) to 55 lpcd (Average say 50 lpcd). This figure would come down considerably if we ensure that economical and effective rainwater filters are being made available to our rural households.  Not only they, will use rainwater water during Monsoon but excess water will be sent back to our groundwater bank.  Such simple step would result in saving of billions of litres of fresh and soft water.  

Five benefits:

  1. Prevention in depletion of groundwater
  2. Improvement in quality of groundwater
  3. Bore wells won’t run dry during peak summer
  4. No more water logging
  5. Pure and fresh water will result in healthy life of people. 

Get the benefit of Life by connecting Sky with Earth !

Rainwater recharge from large school roof.

Rooftop Rainwater harvesting in a school with very large roof, needs thoughtful solution to effectively and economically implement rainwater harvesting project.  NeeRain has implemented one such solution in a School in the state of Gujarat. The School has traditional roof built with a slop and having free flow of rainwater to the surface and further towards the road. Team NeeRain has undertaken extensive study of the premise to understand the geographical limitations.  The site is a primary school premise, hence they don’t want to implement a project where the large infrastructural changes are required.  Upon the study and observations, Team NeeRain could work out simple design and a implementable solution to capture rainwater from the entire roof, filter the impurities from NeeRainEco filters and divert clean, fresh water to one header pipe, that can lead water up to the dedicated Recharge Borewell constructed in one corner of the school.

Details are as below :

Video link:

  1. Objective    : To augment ground water and rejuvenate our Aquifer.
  2. Roof type    : Traditional, slopping roof.
  3. Water fall   : Free fall.
  4. Rainfall       : 900 mm.
  5. Potential     : 5.2 lakh litres per year
  6. Application : Recharge in a dedicated recharge bore well.
  7. Retention.   : Precast chamber with air vents
  8. Recharge     :  Direct, recharge at a depth of 200 ft
  9. Casing Pipe : 140 mm dia
  10. Casing type. : Slotted
  11. Development : Hydrological development by compressed air
  12. No of Rooftop filters : 6 Units
  13. Rain gutters : Rain water gutters are connected with inlet of NeeRainEco filters
  14. Benefits  :
    1. Recharge of 5.2 lakh litres of fresh, soft rainwater every year.
    2. Prevention of depletion of groundwater levels
    3. Rejeunvate the surrounding aquifers
    4. Prevent water logging in school premise

NeeRainEco rainwater filters and a dedicated recharge well will save huge 5.2 Lakh litre of rainwater every year.  Please explore this video for live experience.   More water per Rain, with NeeRain.







Rooftop Rainwater harvesting in a School

School Rainwater harvesting – successful case study

This video shows a successful case study of school being transformed in water positive habitat.
Rooftop Rainwater harvesting is successfully implemented to capture, conserve and consume fresh, soft rainwater. The down water pipes from the roof are interconnected and brought to the junction of NeeRain rooftop filters. Rainwater after filtration from NeeRain, flows in the over ground storage tank. The excess rainwater from this tank is diverted to a School Borewell through a brick chamber. This application serves the purpose of harvesting rainwater for daily use and to raise groundwater level of existing Borewell. This will also rejuvenate the aquifer for better efficiency. The Borewell water quality will improve due to the effect of dilution of fresh and soft rainwater.

Each habitat is potential area that can generate water, only need is to channelise Roof with NeeRain and water resource. Call +91 7778992314 for instant help….NeeRain. More water per Rain.

More water per Rain with NeeRain

NeeRain is different…
NeeRain is simple…
NeeRain is smart…

NeeRain is designed to give more water per every rain fall. The unique way of filtering rainwater through curved surface of filter element 1 allows only impurities to remain on the surface while letting the rainwater flow towards filter element 2 for further micro filtration. A simple but scientific way prevents wastage of water along with impurities. This is how, NeeRain delivers more water per Rain at every rainfall.