Unboxing NeeRainEco; No water loss rainwater filter

We are happy to Unboxing NeeRainEco to empower our common man and secure the future of water. Water is everyone’s concern. Crisis of fresh water is a global problem faced by each Nation.  There is no single solution to this globally growing problem.  The best solution is harvesting rainwater locally from the roofs for daily use and further recharging in groundwater bank.  Replacement of groundwater with rainwater is a first step towards achieving the water positive status for each community, state, county and planet as a whole.    

At NeeRain, we have innovated “NeeRainEco” extremely easy, effective and economical, No water loss rainwater filters to save millions of litres of free, fresh rainwater every year, from each premises; at one time nominal cost.


NeeRainEco; No water loss rainwater filters are patent forwarded rooftop filters that harvests rainwater without human intervention.  NeeRainEco is designed with ‘auto dirt diversion feature without loss of water with live monitoring of rainwater harvesting’. NeeRainEco has two stages of filtration that requires no maintenance, no consumables or non recurring cost. NeeRain is truly compact, smart and strong; made out of ABS engineering plastics material.  The first filter element is made out of fibre duly coated with PVC wrapped on SS 304 frame to filter out large impurities.  The second filter element is made our of polymeric material to filter out micro impurities up to 5 Micron size. NeeRainEco easily fits in existing homes, institutions or industry without much of change and with minimum plumbing accessories.  

” NeeRainEco ” is priced very economically at Rs. 3950 including GST ( say 55 USD ) in INDIA.  We believe that NeeRainEco will pay for itself within a year or two and one gets free, fresh, soft and pure rainwater for years.

Enjoy more water per every rainfall with NeeRaiEco….Call : +91 7778992314.

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