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After crisis – villagers drinking contaminated water under compulsion to save lives

There is a queue at the well from one o’clock in the night, after hours a bucket of Muddy water comes out.

Water Level Dropped In Hatgamharia block, crisis in market and colonies.

Photo courtesy: Mangalore today

This year the summer is at its peak in the month of April itself. Due to falling water level in Hatgamharia block, there has been a severe drinking water crisis in the main market and localities. The villagers are drinking contaminated water under compulsion to save their lives. The water with which we do not like to wash our hands in normal days, at present we have to drink that water. The water level has gone down in Munda Basti, Buiya Basti and the main market. After standing near the well for three to four hours, hardly a bucket of water is somehow available. Actually, there is no water in the well. When some water comes up, people put four to five buckets together for water.

People are living somehow by filtering dirty water

Villager Umesh Gagarai told that people are drinking Dirty water from the well without their will. The women filter sand and dirty water with a cloth and bring it to the house. The same water is being used from going to the bathroom to cooking.

All the chapakals and the only water tower in the township are out of order.

There are three public hand pumps in the township, but all are in bad condition. Jalminar has been arranged from the 14th Finance Commission. It is also Out of order for three months. The chief has been informed about this, but to no avail. A chapakal has been made by the people’s donation. Somehow drinking water is being available from this. Even with this, the risk of disease remains.

Photo courtesy: The New Indian Express

People preparing for March at BDO office and NH

There is anger among the villagers due to lack of drinking water in the township. The villagers are preparing to surround the BDO office. On the other hand, on NH 75 E, People are in the mood to jam with utensils. Jalminar is ready through PHED at a cost of five crores. That too is proving to be a white elephant. On asking the personnel, they tell that a lot of irregularities are being found in the pipeline. Water is leaking at places. There is a lot of problem in improving it.

Problem Faced by Local People

We start running around for drinking water from 1 a.m. in the night. People stand near the well. It becomes hard to gate Water when it is late. One has to wait hours for a bucket from the well.
– sunita gagrai

All of us women stand in front of wells like this and wait for water. When the water in the well Rises We extract It. There is knee-deep water in the pond, in which they somehow bathe.
– sukmati gagrai

Now we are getting dirty and little water. After a few days even that much water will not be available. If there is no alternative arrangement for water, then the people here will die of thirst. The administration has to pay attention.
– Lakshmi Kunkal

It is very difficult to get water for Drinking and bathing. We stay awake at night for water. Four-five buckets are kept immersed in the well at the same time. All the ponds and wells have dried up. There is knee-deep dirty water in the pond.
– Subani Kunkal

For water, every year one has to suffer like this. Panchayat public representatives do not pay attention. All the chapakal in the township are out of order. The water tower is lying idle. Demand to get it made.
– Shakuntala Pushti

There is water crisis in Hatgamharia market and township. In the morning and in the evening, people go to fetch water from another place with a Container. Panchayat elections are going to be held in a few weeks. No one has thought for public interest.
– Umesh Gagarai

Neerain is proud to republish this article for spreading awareness about situation of water, for our stake holders. Credit whatsoever goes to the Author.


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Author:  Dinesh Sinku
Publish On: April 18, 2022.





Concern Over Exploitation Of Groundwater as Level Falls in City

Prayagraj: With entire city areas, including posh colonies being declared ‘over- exploited’ ( dark zone) category in terms of groundwater extraction, the officials of the groundwater department are running from pillar to post to create mass awareness with an objective to recharge the groundwater level in forthcoming monsoon.

Focus has been laid on the installation of rainwater harvesting in city areas after acknowledging the fact that a major chunk of rainwater is being discharged into drains and rooftop rainwater harvesting can be the only solution to deal with the situation. Besides, little step to check water miscue could also bring desired results. Officials warned that continued over-exploitation of underground water in city areas could prove catastrophic in future if corrective measures are not taken immediately.

Hydrologist at Groundwater department (Prayagraj district) Archana Singh told TOI, “While the entire city areas have been categorized under dark zone (over-exploited), three of the blocks of the Prayagraj district, including Bhagwatpur , Chaka and Baharia are also being placed under the ‘critical’ category.”

“Eight other blocks of the district, including Bahadurpur, Dhanupur, Holagarh, Mauaima, Pratappur, Sahson, Saidabad, and Shringverpur, have also been placed under ‘semi-critical’ category while blocks like Kaudhiyara, Kaurihar, Koraon,Manda, Meja, Handia, Jasra, Phulpur, Karchana, Shankhargarh, and Soroan are in safe zone,” she further adde.

She also added, “Situation also relies on the amount of rainwater being received by the soil and if there is good amount of rain water received, the groundwater level is surely increased and groundwater level comes down in case of inadequate rains.”

Moreover, in order to promote water conservation and maintain water resources in rural and urban sectors, groundwater department officials have also issued ‘water saving tips’. Notably, the UP government has also approved grothe undwater act 2020 with an the Ojective to improve falling groundwater level in the state.

Neerain is proud to republish this article for spreading awareness about situation of water, for our stake holders. Credit whatsoever goes to the Author.

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We would like to spread this for the benefit of fellow Indians.

Author: Kapil Dixit
Publish On: May 28, 2022.