Connect Sky with Earth and get benefitted….!

Connecting Sky with Earth in simple words is securing our Life with Water.  Connecting Sky with Earth in in other words is UseRain ! 

Using Rainwater is the most sensible step to mitigate effects of depleting groundwater. Rainwater that is delivered up to our roof needs our little attention. An effort that is extremely simple, quick and economical.  Connecting rooftop down water pipe with Neerain rainwater filter, tank and bore well. A day’s job, can be done on your own. One can do it with little bit of skill set.   

Five steps: 

  1. Cut the rainwater down pipe.
  2. Mark and drill four holes on wall.
  3. Fix the first flush valve with Tee joint. 
  4. Fix the filter inlet with rainwater pipe. 
  5. Connect the clean water outlet of filter with bore well.

Direct connection of roof with rainwater filter and borewell is the work of connecting Sky with Earth. In other words, we are connecting God father with Mother Earth…This way are completing the water cycle and life cycle.  

In most villages of India, the average supply of water is between 40 litres per capita per day (lpcd) to 55 lpcd (Average say 50 lpcd). This figure would come down considerably if we ensure that economical and effective rainwater filters are being made available to our rural households.  Not only they, will use rainwater water during Monsoon but excess water will be sent back to our groundwater bank.  Such simple step would result in saving of billions of litres of fresh and soft water.  

Five benefits:

  1. Prevention in depletion of groundwater
  2. Improvement in quality of groundwater
  3. Bore wells won’t run dry during peak summer
  4. No more water logging
  5. Pure and fresh water will result in healthy life of people. 

Get the benefit of Life by connecting Sky with Earth !

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