Rooftop Rainwater harvesting in a School

School Rainwater harvesting – successful case study

This video shows a successful case study of school being transformed in water positive habitat.
Rooftop Rainwater harvesting is successfully implemented to capture, conserve and consume fresh, soft rainwater. The down water pipes from the roof are interconnected and brought to the junction of NeeRain rooftop filters. Rainwater after filtration from NeeRain, flows in the over ground storage tank. The excess rainwater from this tank is diverted to a School Borewell through a brick chamber. This application serves the purpose of harvesting rainwater for daily use and to raise groundwater level of existing Borewell. This will also rejuvenate the aquifer for better efficiency. The Borewell water quality will improve due to the effect of dilution of fresh and soft rainwater.

Each habitat is potential area that can generate water, only need is to channelise Roof with NeeRain and water resource. Call +91 7778992314 for instant help….NeeRain. More water per Rain.

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