Water Crisis In Pune : No Permission To New Building In PMRDA Without Assessment : Saurabh Rao

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Second meeting called by the Divisional Commissioner of Pune Saurabh Rao regarding the water crisis in PMC and PCMC was held today. More than 60 residents representing various organisations attended the meeting raising various issues.

Advocate Satya Muley shared important points that were discussed with Pune Pulse.

Important minutes of meeting

Divisional Commissioner of Pune announced in presence of PMRDA Commissioner that henceforth no new permissions shall be given in PMRDA jurisdiction without ascertaining availability and capability of local body/PMRDA/Zilla parishad to provide water to the new construction. No new construction permission shall be provided based on an affidavit taken from builders.

Almost 60 to 70 representatives of housing Societies, Housing Federations, Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, Maharashtra Housing  societies federation were present.

The demand for providing water through tankers by PMC and PCMc was once again discussed and DC mentioned that the subject is being evaluated.

Spot visits to both corporations have been directed to understand the ground level realities and offer solutions.

Dedicated email id to be shared by both corporations to register complaints from housing complexes regarding water scarcity.

From the next meeting complaints to be received in advance and solutions to be offered during the next monthly meeting.

Adv Satya Muley stated that it is a district wide problem and intensive efforts by the special committee is required. Although providing immediate solutions to current scarcity is important, long term planning is also important which appears to be lacking by both the corporations.

Sunil Koloti, a resident of Nyati Windchimes who was part of the meeting stated that the meeting was fruitful but only it should turn into prompt action. 75 percent of our monthly maintenance goes into procuring water through tankers. PMC must come up with some solution now.

Another resident, Dilip Shah, founder of Undri Residents Forum said, “There were many residents who were present today.  We are hoping that strong action is taken by PMC as well as PCMC. It’s high time citizens get their due. Potable drinking water is what we are demanding. This meeting should not turn into another assurance but no result.”

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Publish On: 15, January, 2024

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