Unboxing NeeRain 220 ! Non cogging SS 304, No water loss rainwater filter.

NeeRain 220 has SS 304, non clogging, curved filter element of 500 Micron that gives large surface area to rainwater to fall, flow and filter out….in the second stage NeeRain220 has about 20 inch long 5 micron polymeric filter for micro filtration.  NeeRain Filters rainwater by revere Y technology that doesn’t break the flow of rainwater flowing from roof.  NeeRain 220 allows separate flow of impurities and clean water making it most hygienic. A first time ‘Live monitoring of rainwater harvesting’ and ‘No overflow risk of water at roof’ are the unbeatable features of NeeRain….Explore this unboxing video !!      More water per Rain with NeeRain.


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