Groundwater is being exploited without permission. Permission granted only to 50, users are in lakhs

The groundwater department became active after many parts of Prayagraj city came into the red zone.

You may not be aware that only 50 people have been given permission to use groundwater in the district. Despite this, thousands of people are overexploiting groundwater by opening plants and establishments, soon the government will take strict steps in this direction and take action against those who use groundwater without permission. Let us tell you that the condition of the district is not good in this matter. All the blocks including the city have come under red zone regarding groundwater.

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Current status of underground water level  :

  • Over Exploited area- Prayagraj City
  • Critical areas- Bahria, Chaka and Bhagwatpur
  • Semi-Critical Area- Bahadurpur, Dhanupur, Holagarh, Mauaima Pratappur, Sahson, Saidabad, Shringverpur Dham
  • Safe Area- Handia, Jasra, Karchhana, Kaundhiyara, Kaudihar, Korav, Manda, Meja, Phulpur, Shankargarh and Soraon.

    This rule must be followed

    • There are many such blocks including the city where the groundwater status has gone down a lot.
    • If appropriate steps are not taken in time, the district may be deprived of groundwater.
    • To prevent over-exploitation of underground water, the government has made a Provision to take NOC under the UP ground water Act 2019.
    • In this, It has to be told how much water is being used daily
    • NOC is valid only for five years. That too on the condition of rainwater harvesting .

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      • The level will improve after rain.

      The department says that the water level in the city’s Peepal village, Bailey Hospital, IERT area, Sadar tehsil, head post office and the area around the police line has gone down considerably. If there is good rain, then there will be some improvement in its status. People have to save groundwater from getting depleted by following rainwater harvesting.

      • Need to stop them

      So far, among the 50 people who have been given NOC in the district, Silica sand plant is the maximum. Conditional NOC has been granted to them. While a large number of RO plants and washing centers are being operated. All these are being operated without NOC. The department needs to take action against them. In the last few days, a large number of RO plants have been installed and they are exploiting a large amount of groundwater. Regarding all these issues. There will also be a meeting on groundwater under the leadership of CDO in Vikas Bhavan on Friday. In which strict guidelines will be given regarding the rules.

      • “The advance rules of the government are awaited. After getting the instructions, the act will be strictly followed. During the ground water week, the general public has to be made aware in this direction.”

      Archana Singh Hydrologist, Ground Water Department Prayagraj

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      Publish On: July 8, 2022


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