Global problems, Local solution…

Global warming, Climate change, Food security, Fresh water crisis, Poverty, Carbon footprint are few global problems can be addressed by an initiative to harvest Rainwater at local level.

When a home or community is fulfilled with water, problem is solved before further aggravation. Our Innovation ‘NeeRain rooftop rainwater filter’ saves millions of litres of water every year life time. It is the decentralized way of implementation, can be used for small roof, medium roof or in multiple for large industrial sheds or institutions.

Usage of Rainwater reduces dependence on ground water thereby reduces electricity cost for user and prevents depletion of ground water level. Rainwater if not filtered goes down the drains or creates flooding or water logging in rural and semi urban areas. Urban areas dependent on bore well water now facing high level of TDS and Hardness in water. By recovering rainwater through such filter systems helps reduce carbon footprint.

Water scarcity is increasing world over, simple and effective products which can be installed locally even by semi skilled plumber in remotest area is a key to solve water crisis.  Rural areas, hilly regions or mountains habitats which don’t have municipal water connection, can have such filter and save fresh water when every there is rainfall.  At each rainfall the tank will be full.  Considering a roof of 110 sq. mtr, one can save approx. 4500 ltrs of water at 50 mm of rain fall.  Schools, Institutions and Industry who consumes huge volume of water can adopt this solution to reduce cost of buying water or cost of pumping.  Moreover this is soft water and it doesn’t have to be treated further. Where ever there is roof, NeeRain can help save rainwater.  This is wonderful way of decentralized saving of water. Each down take pipe can channelize rainwater through NeeRain for later usage or diverting in aquifer to augment ground water level.   This local solution is aimed to address many global problems affecting millions of livelihood.

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