How to avoid dry borewell to beat water scarcity

“Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink” is something we all have recited and heard numerous times. Since childhood, we have been taught to be mindful of water consumption and how conservation is essential.

We eventually went on to learn about the water cycle, borewell and water tables, various rainwater harvesting methods and their importance, the anatomy of a water molecule, water as a source of life, soil and water pollution, and much more. jasaseo.link

We might not understand the actual gravity of the issue today, but global warming is slowly impacting the planet. All the ice caps are melting, the world temperatures are rising, and while there will be water everywhere, none of it will be usable enough to quench the human necessities and urges.

Climate change is real. There is no denying that. Thousands of activists are taking it upon themselves to educate the people and create awareness about what’s to come if we do not start acting now. Conservation of water and using it methodically without any wastage is necessary. It’s no longer a choice; it’s survival.


Water scarcity has been affecting a lot of regions in various countries across the globe. The absence of adequate and usable water causes multiple health complications in the residents of that particular area. It is challenging and becomes impossible to survive without water.

In India, we dig up borewells and knock them into the underground water table for our use. The borewell is then installed with a motor and whole machinery set up to draw water from the borewell for various purposes. Due to the water table’s depleting levels, the borewells sometimes dry up. And that can be a massive issue as replenishing the underground water table isn’t an easy job. It usually happens through natural processes like rain. Rainwater is pure, soft, and freshwater. It has all the essential vitamins required for a healthy life. Rainwater doesn’t have Hardness or TDS when captured directly. Therefore, it is crucial to save the rainwater.

Are you looking for some tips on how to save your borewell from drying to overcome water scarcity and be water-secure at your premise? Let NeeRain help you.

How NeeRain Can Be A Saviour For Your Borewell:

You can use the harvested rainwater to recharge and replenish your borewells through direct or indirect methods. NeeRain rainwater filter does not require any electricity. It works on the principle of gravity! And in case you are worried about the workforce necessary to run the rainwater filter setup, you can take a breather here. The rainwater harvesting would be done automatically.

Here Are Some Facts About Neerain Roof And Surface Rainwater Filter:

– NeeRain is a simple, scientific, and sensible rainwater filter
– Saves millions of liters of a fresh, soft, and pure rainwater for a lifetime
– Ready to use, plug and play, and flexible
– Microfiltration up to 500 Micron
– A local plumber can install it within two hours (Check out DIY guide here)
– It is a modular, ready-to-use rainwater filter
– It doesn’t need manual intervention to save rainwater
– Has a transparent Lid, one can see harvesting live
– It has no moving parts and requires no maintenance
– No consumables, no other recurring cost
– Doesn’t need electricity

But how can we recharge our borewells using the NeeRain rainwater filters?

Well, the rooftop rainwater from the clean water outlet of the Rainwater filter can be directly sent to existing borewells. The filter element is made out of Nylon material; hence it is 100% corrosion and contamination-free, ensuring that the water your borewell is getting recharged with is clean and doesn’t contain any impurities.

What are the benefits of using the rainwater to recharge my borewells?
By putting rainwater in the Casing pipe of the running borewell, TDS and hardness of borewell water improve, the water level rises, and the borewell gets recharged for longer life. Plus, you can save an electricity bill of approx Rs. 8000 per month by replacing borewell water with rainwater during the monsoons!

NeeRain is a patent-granted rainwater filter that is easy and economical and aims to harvest rainwater at each habitat. The technological breakthrough achieved by our research team is adding joy to the lives of millions of people worldwide. NeeRain is addressing the global crisis of water with local decentralized technologies that empower a commoner to lead water-secure life. Are you ready to get rid of the water crisis?

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